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About Us

United Methodist Communications’ Techshop provides leading edge communications technologies for churches through MyUMClive.com. Techshop also offers discounted pricing on mobile apps for churches through www.MyUMCapp.com. These services are offered in partnership with OCV, a leader in church communications.

About live video streaming: Are you looking for ways to reach out to people who haven’t yet visited your church or a way to connect with members when they are unable to attend worship at your church (homebound, vacation, etc.)? Live video streaming is a cost-effective way to broadcast your worship services in real time as they are happening.

Serving the United Methodist Church with advanced communications
These United Methodist Annual Conferences have selected us for one or more services – mobile apps, live video streaming, custom media libraries, and/or custom Facebook fanpages:
Alabama West Florida
Eastern Pennsylvania
Great Plains
New England
New Mexico
Texas and Southwest Texas
North Georgia and South Georgia