Live Streaming

Live Streaming

United Methodist Communication’s Techshop presents MyUMCLive, providing live video streaming for United Methodist churches at discounted pricing.

What is live video streaming? Live streaming allows a church to broadcast live video of a church service or other events over the Internet. Viewers will have the ability to watch the live streaming video from computers connected to high speed internet access, as well as from iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets.

    How does it work?
  1. You connect your camera to your computer.
  2. The computer is connected to the Internet and runs a free software application.
  3. Viewers will be able to see your worship service or other events by watching a player on your website or Facebook fanpage from their computer, tablet, or mobile smartphone. You can broadcast your event to persons in your community and around the world, provided they have Internet access.

Customer Service and set-up of live video streaming:
We will walk you through setting up your live streaming through a few simple steps.  Testing of your live streaming will normally be during business hours. In general, once a live stream is set up, it will work week after week without any additional support requirements. Weekend issues are typically isolated and many times are due to Internet or computer issues at the local facility. In these cases, we work with you during the business hours to resolve any issue, Monday to Friday, 8am -5pm CT.

    Requirements for live streaming:
  1. Camera – you can use any video camera from a webcam to camcorder to pro-camcorder.
  2. Equipment –
    Option A – Computer, capture device, and software (usually free Adobe FMLE 3.2).
    Option B - Teradek Vidiu, or other flexible wireless connection. (For streaming without a computer.)
  3. Internet connection – your existing Internet connection is likely sufficient
  4. OCV hosting – we host your live streaming and your archived videos on our servers.
  5. Your website or Facebook fanpage displays your live stream video player.

    Some of the “myUMClive” advantages:
  • Discounted pricing for United Methodist churches.
  • Viewers stay on your website where you embed the video player.
  • No outside advertising or inappropriate ads/video playing next to your live stream.
  • Receive online donations when you place a "Donate" button next to the player.
  • Users may share a link to your live streaming via the Facebook Share and Twitter Share we place next to the video player.
  • Archive of your last live streamed video remains archived in the player until you stream again.
  • Stream up to 10 weddings, funerals, or baptisms through the year.


Please note that materials you “live stream” may be subject of copyright protection. Consequently, before using any material, your church should assess whether it has legal permission to broadcast it. We recommend that you visit for more information. The General Board of Discipleship lists places where your church can acquire services that can ensure your church has the necessary permissions. These costs and services, however, are not included with the myUMClive service and neither OCV nor United Methodist Communications can extend rights or permission to you.