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MyUMCLive Video Streaming Prices

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1-149 $195 $1225/year $895/year or $79/month 8am-5pm** CT M-F
150-399 $195 $1355/year $949/year or $89/month 8am-5pm** CT M-F
400-999 $195 $1725/year $1195/year or $109/month 8am-5pm** CT M-F
>1000 Quote Quote Quote 8am-5pm** CT M-F

*Annual billing saves you approximately 12%.  
If you desire to pay on a monthly basis, we can setup automatic billing.

This service is intended to allow you to stream your worship service each week and up to 10 special events throughout the year (weddings, funerals, concerts etc...) This service does NOT allow for unlimited streaming. If you anticipate events that will draw more than 50 viewers, please contact us for special pricing.